Rumex International Co is one of the leading manufacturers of surgical instruments for handheld surgery with many offices and representatives all over the world headquartered in the US. 

Our major specialization lies within reusable instruments for surgical ophthalmology. 

Since 1994. We provide quality more than 25 years.  

  • Strict quality control
  • Product development together with top-of-the notch surgeons 
  • Ergonomic design  
  • Data Matrix Barcodes on the instruments 

Wide range of product assortment! 

The range of products comprises cutting edgestainless steel and titanium instruments, including anterior segment instruments, vitreoretinal instruments, cannulas . 

Always within your budget! 

We aspire to provide hospitals and medical professionals all over the world with superior quality surgical instrumentation within budget! Our innovations always stay affordable! 

Highly appreciated customer service 

Our experienced sales team is always there to help you make the right choice. We share values of our customers and put their needs on the first place. We are proud to work in a company helping doctors and making lives of patients better!