4-0394 Capsulorhexis Forceps with Scale

I have been using this forceps for almost 2 years now and  am very happy with it. It has very slim jaws that easily fits into the 2.2 mm corneal incision. As such, there is improved maneuverability of the forceps inside the anterior chamber without causing wound distortion. The curvature of the jaws is just right, allowing the surgeon to comfortably complete the rhexis 360 degrees.

The tips are sharp enough that puncturing the anterior capsule is effortless. The apposition of the tips is excellent, enabling the surgeon to easily grasp the anterior capsule without slippage.

The markings at 2.5 and 5 mm helps the surgeon gauge the diameter of the rhexis, an important factor especially when using multifocal lenses.

It is an instrument I would highly recommend for both beginner and experienced phaco surgeons.

Dino Fontanilla, M.D.