We would like to update conversation with Dr. Abdullayev, MD, MBA, CEBT, Manager of Clinical Development and Innovations at Lions Eye Institute for Transplant & Research, Inc., USA.

Today the discussion will be focused on DMEK issues and instruments developed for this technique.

  • Dr. Abdullayev, please let us know more about the DMEK trends?

Basically Scooba method is the first method used to separate the Descemet's membrane and endothelium from the stroma. The Descemet's membrane is pulled from the stroma by use of special forceps.

In 2016 I introduced a BLISTER method for separation of the Descemet's membrane and endothelium from the stroma, the method of Optisol GS injection between the posterior stroma and Descement’s membrane and their subsequent separation. Nowadays, Trypan Blue, instead of Optisol GS, is used for injection and separation of the Descemet’s membrane, allowing instant staining of the graft.

BLISTER method is gaining interest among professionals who prepare DMEK grafts. But since Scooba method is still performed, I’ve recently developed Abdullayev DMEK Grasping Forceps, 4-261S in cooperation with RUMEX International, which is not only suitable for the Scooba method, but also for completing the separation when using the injection method, in cases when it’s necessary.

The instrument has the following advantages:

- Improved angle between grasping platform; the rest of the forceps allows relaxing hand position and more control when in use

- Horizontal thin grasping platform providing more stability in membrane holding during separation

- Ergonomic design